24 October, 2016

Who you gonna call (on murky moral issues)? Catholic bioethicists!

Who you gonna call (on murky moral issues)? Catholic bioethicists :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

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  1. I find Catholic bioethics blinkered by absolutism that can lead to horrible consequences. Stories like this one lead to the public, and many Catholics included, dismissing the entire ethical system. Fortunately the woman described in this situation didn't die, unlike that hear breaking story of the woman in Ireland a few years ago. And after it's argued that they didn't apply the Principle of Double Effect. But that is only afterwards. When the mothers live is at risk and the fetus has no chance at all of viability, they stick to their absolute ethics. It's my opinion that stories like this turn more people in favour of abortion on demand because the alternative is not a balanced weighing of the consequences but unchanging absolutes.



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