04 June, 2016

Pope issues motu proprio on removal of Bishops

Extremely important news for the church: Pope Francis has issued a "motu proprio" that provides the mechanism for the swift removal of bishops who covered up sexual abuse or moved around abusive priests. This has long been one of the missing links in the fight against sexual abuse: a mechanism for the removal of bishops. Holding bishops accountable and removing them if they are found to have been negligent in their duties is absolutely paramount. An absolute necessity.

Many Catholics have been angry and frustrated that while priests can be (rightly) removed from ministry after a credible accusation had been lodged, bishops who ignored or covered up the abuse, or shuttled priests from parish to parish, seemed to suffer few consequences. Even on the rare occasion when a bishop resigned or was removed there was no mention of the reasons. This holding of bishops accountable has long been demanded by the People of God. And the Holy Spirit speaks through them.

Pope issues motu proprio on removal of Bishops - Vatican Radio


  1. i wonder Father Tim if this will flush out Cardinal Law of Boston who has been hiding in Rome...he is a horrific offender


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