01 April, 2016

Euthanasia by Organ Harvesting - A 'First Things' examination of current practice in Belgium ... and no doubt in a province near you soon.

"Ponder the enormity of what was done here. Four people—who were not otherwise dying—were killed and then swiftly wheeled into a surgery suite to have their organs removed. Three of the donors were struggling with neuromuscular disabilities—people who often face social isolation and discrimination—and one was mentally ill. In a particularly bitter irony, the latter patient was a chronic self-harmer, the “treatment” for which was a willing professional team ready to administer the ultimate harm.

That’s just the beginning."
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Euthanasia by Organ Harvesting | Wesley J. Smith | First Things

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  1. Frightening indeed, but it will (Perhaps already has/is?) happen here under whatever legislation our Catholic leaders decide on . A few years ago all the religious leaders in Ottawa called for everyone ,who was capable by law, sign a donor card.Uh Huh!So that donor card could now be used to harvest organs before one is killed under the new law. Catholic leaders might want to attach an addendum to their call for signing donor cards .And that would just be the beginning.Time for Catholic doctors to speak up and say where they stand.Probably too late for any real leadership.Also. Let's have the "Catholic" school boards show leadership and speak out as well.Uh Huh.


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