20 December, 2015

One of my favorite Christmas carols sung by one of my favorite singers: Silent Night, sung by Stevie Nicks


  1. We played Christmas Carol charades last night at a party where we had to act out the title of a Christmas carol and then we'd sing it. I went last and mine what three words, first word. I made a fist and swung it in the air and fell on my back. No one knew it except my son who guessed it immediately. Can you?

    1. Michael: 3 words... fist swung in air and then fall on back. Nope. It's a mystery to me.

      Fr. Tim

    2. I'm not certain if the fact your son picked up on the 'deck' when you waved your fist about is a good thing or not, but there's no doubt his is a smart cookie! :)


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