16 March, 2015

One day late... but maybe it's just his Irish spirit that's to blame!!

Well, today was supposed to be the day that Hobbs arrived to live with Mateo and I, but alas there was a screw-up with WestJet so his trip has had to be postponed until tomorrow (Tuesday).

Such is life I guess. Poor lad was all washed and dressed for the trip and now he's got no place to go! Still, he's going to arrive here on St. Paddy's Day... and that will give us another great reason to celebrate this year. (As if we needed more reasons in this corner of the globe!) I'll have to pick him up a green collar to make sure he's going to feel like fitting in with the festivities!

My sincere thanks to Meaghen Bobryk for all her hard work and super pictures in raising Hobbs to this point in life! If every dog breeder communicates and cares for her animals like she does, canines the world over would be a happy and blessed lot!

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