27 March, 2015

Cardinal Burke: Gays, remarried Catholics, and murderers are all the same | Crux: What??? Did he actually say that???

Cardinal Burke makes the argument that all mortal sins are the same. While I accept that from the perspective of their effect upon one's soul this argument has some merit... but somehow I just can't my head around accepting that invalidly married couple, sexually active gays, and murderers are all the same. Is there no room for consideration of intent and causation in his moral calculations? Don't get me wrong. I am not advocating situational ethics. But it cannot be as black and white a situation as Cardinal Burke paints it to be.

Cardinal Burke: Gays, remarried Catholics, and murderers are all the same | Crux

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  1. Hello father. Thanks for sharing this commentary about the issue. It is important because sadly, many of the Radical Catholic reactionaries (or as I call them, Radicals Misrepresenting Traditonalists) are idol-worshiping +Burke for being an anti-Francis and being pro Latin Mass in his Cappa magna to boot. While it's great to uphold doctrine and dogma ou locally and we need more bishops and higher to not be cowards, at the same time, making comments without specifics or clarification can be promoting Justice without mercy, the kind these venomous wolves crave and will use to further divide the Church. This will only bolden these RMTs to continue their slander and lies and damaging souls of the faithful. I do hope that my worst fear does not come true, in that +Burke will become the next +Lefevbre and create another SSPX in rebellion if he keeps this up. At first I agreed Pope Francis' sacking of his post from the Curia was unjust, but maybe more so, there is some doubt to that and there was reason, aside from politics. Thanks for giving a reality check.


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