30 March, 2015

The Schism Nobody Sees Coming |Blogs | NCRegister.com

The Schism Nobody Sees Coming |Blogs | NCRegister.com

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  1. Marg Sheahan30 March, 2015

    Again, a Conference of Bishops decides it has the power and AUTHORITY to cause trouble for the Catholic Church.
    When, OH WHEN will the Pope tell these conferences of Bishops they have NO AUTHORITY as a group.
    Only a Bishop has authority in his OWN Diocese- not some namby-pamby conference of Bishops..
    Bishop Fulton J Sheen said the destruction of the Church would arise from within, and he was right.
    I would love to see an accurate poll of all the Catholic Bishops and Cardinals on one question---Do YOU believe in the Roman Catholic Church and the Authority of the Pope?----- A sub-question could be, for those dissenters to the above-- DO YOU believe in Jesus Christ, and the Eucharist ?
    These would bring the skunks into the open . Marg Sheahan


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