03 February, 2015

Pope declares Oscar Romero, hero to liberation theology, a martyr | Crux

While I disagree with the proposition that Archbishop +Oscar Romero was an inspiration to the Liberation Theology movement, I am thrilled with the overall thrust of this story. 

+Romero was in favor of human and religious rights within the context of a legitimately elected democratic government. Romero was not an advocate of class warfare. He was a passionate and effective spokesman for the weak and powerless in El Salvador, who were being killed and bullied by the government and moneyed land interests of the day. One need not be an advocate of LT to have been moved by the plight the poor and defenseless during those terrible times of civil war and unrest. 

Many good souls were lost to us across Central and South America by violent means for doing nothing more than speaking for those who had no voice. Put another way, their martyrdom came to them because they continued to speak 'truth to power'... something the Church is always supposed to do. Alas, the very fact that it has taken so long for +Romero even to be officially declared a martyr is evidence enough that 'power' has more than its fair share of advocates within the walls of the Church. 

I am grateful to Pope Francis for taking this important step on the path to the eventual canonization of this brave and faithful priest of Jesus Christ and a genuine shepherd bishop of the flock entrusted to his care.

Pope declares Oscar Romero, hero to liberation theology, a martyr | Crux

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