26 February, 2015

Wynne says homophobia fuelling some sex ed protesters: report | CTV News

Homophobia? Really? So the premier believes that parents who are objecting to the province implementing this new sex-ed curriculum for teaching kids about homosexuality and that gender is a 'changeable social construct' in Gr. 3, and the details of how to practice anal and oral sex and masturbation by the time they leave elementary school are being homophobic?

Perhaps this is just a desperate allegation made by a politician trying to deflect attention from the fact that the author of this inappropriate curriculum is now facing gay child pornography charges in court. Does she think that the sex crimes her highly paid consultant has been charged with are also fueled by a homophobic police force?

Wynne says homophobia fuelling some sex ed protesters: report | CTV News


  1. Have you read the curriculum? I haven't yet, but as a parent I do, and I often find the rhetoric differs from the reality.

    1. Michael: I didn't read the entire curriculum, but I did read the overview provided by the Ministry of Education outlining the content for each grade as well as a number of different commentaries. You are right though as some of the rhetoric and commentary is over the top.

      This is my more detailed response to someone on Facebook who challenged me to explain my concerns.

      "Essentially I believe that the new curriculum doesn't respect the psychological element of the new program in as much as it doesn't seem to respect the 'latency' stage of development (which usually runs from about 5-11 or 12 years of age). Naming anatomical parts etc is fine with me. I have no problem with those elements even in the early grades. But introducing the concept of gender shifting and dealing with specific sex acts at such an early age can be detrimental to a child's development. That period of relative tranquility between the end of the 'fearsome fours' and the start of adolescence is there for a reason and I don't think this curriculum respects this.

      As to her contention that opposition to this new program is fueled by homophobia, I believe it is a blatant attempt to salvage it in the face of the curriculum's principle author being arrested on charges of production and possession of child pornography in Toronto. After all, it's difficult to take the word of someone that his proposal best addresses the psychological and social needs of a child when he's caught with thousands of kiddy porn images on his computer.

      Fr. Tim


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