11 June, 2014

Male MPs shouldn't be able to take away 'woman's right' to choose: Trudeau - Another reason to vote against the Liberals... Gendercide!

Male MPs shouldn't be able to take away 'woman's right' to choose: Trudeau | CTV News


  1. Anonymous11 June, 2014

    Fr. Tim,
    while I am very much against abortions in any and all forms, the fact is that no other party (including the CPC) has done anything in this respect either. Which, to me, means that this is perhaps not an issue that should influence how I vote, at least not at this time?

    Quite apart from the much more fundamental question as to whether or not, or to which degree, the law is the best way to deal with the tragedy (for lack of a better word) of abortion. I would not pretend that I knew the perfect answer to that.

    With best wishes,

    Georg S.

  2. @ Anon: Are you very much against abortion even in the form of plant life?
    Young Trudeau has not done nothing as you say the other parties have done...either.. The young lad has in fact done something. He has just said that men ... by virtue of the fact that they are men... should not be allowed to contribute in any deliberations to design laws that would protect the life and well being of persons residing in the womb. It isn't to difficult to understand how this self absorbed so called leader might be totally oblivious to the existence of the unseen person who wont be voting in the next federal election. It should not be surprising how Maggy's son would harbor such a discriminatory view of males. According to Justin there is no man who has the capacity to perceive fully and with clarity the scope of the problem surrounding abortion enough to form a reasonable conclusive solution that accounts for the well being of all involved...except Justin that is... Justin has in his perfect mind the perfect solution and no one - not even the Pope , the Dali Lama, Harry Houdini or anybody else says Justin is gonna tell me I am wrong... not even God. None of these guys know what women need like Justin knows ( perhaps he doesn't see himself as a man yet)!
    The craving for admiration is never satisfied, the more he gets the bigger IT gets and the bigger the fool he will make of himself. So hopefully he 'wins' lots.

    1. Anonymous13 June, 2014

      Thank you for the detailed reply. Let me respond then also.

      First, I do not understand your question in the first line, so I can't say anything to that.
      Second, you are right in that I was not very precise in my comment. What I meant to say is the following: The CPC, to stick to the party in power, has made it very clear, both in words and in action, that they will not allow any parliamentary action on the status quo that there is no law in Canada governing abortion. That's where I see no difference to any of the other parties.
      Third, I conclude, then, that there is no room for my own "social conservatism" in any of the parties currently around in Canada, and hence I should base my voting decisions on other factors, such as my concern about how we act or don't act as stewards of God's creation, or my strong feeling that "power corrupts" and it would therefore be time for a change in the government of the country. These are definitely points, the latter in particular, where we can -- and likely will -- disagree.
      Fourth, I said above that I have concluded there is no room for "social conservatism" in the current system of political parties. Another conclusion would then be that one should channel ones energies on such issues, including the one at hand, protecting the life of unborn babies, to other avenues. E.g. reaching out to young mothers and families who are struggling and hurting, etc.
      And finally, you are probably right that Mr. Trudeau is not the greatest thinker ever, to put it politely. Again, that's one of those points that should inform voting decisions amongst others, and the relative weight of those various points is one where, as I wrote already, reasonable people might disagree.

      With best regards, Georg


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