20 June, 2014

Pope Francis condemns 'evil' marijuana - Washington Times

Pope Francis condemns 'evil' marijuana - Washington Times

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  1. Anonymous22 June, 2014

    A direct decendent of Jesus, King Solomom called marijuana "Spikenard "and "Calamus". In fact the Solomons Temple could not be built without the hemp ropes used to lift the heavy stones in place . In fact the Scythians whom resided in harmony with the Semites for centuries were the first innovators of this useful plant and the invention of the scythe to harvest the plant. It is also worth noting that when Pope Francis became Bishop Bergolio in Buenos Aires ,he adapted the argent (silver) bud of the Spikenard herb and carried it through to the Papal Office as 266 successor of St Peter ,where it became gold in colour. As this is the first plant to appear on a Papal coat of Arms and the origins of this herb and its oil being sacred to the Bible ,it seems unlikely that the man whom placed it on his coat of arms would be admonishing it . The Holy Father was referring to the economic stranglehold the criminal fraternities have held over it and legalizing it would put money in their pockets and power in their hands . As a plant cannot be legalized or criminalized i am sure Gods representative on earth would not be opening that debate as man has no power over over he transformations of the earth or he could stop hurricanes or tsunamis ? Wishful thinking yet the origins of this plant is sacred and it is fitting it is honored on by the Holy Father whom understands its healing properties in preventing cancer and such illness. Thats what a humanitarian does after all.


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