07 October, 2013

Vatican Analyst Warns of ʻGlobal Warʼ Against Christians | Daily News | NCRegister.com

Vatican Analyst Warns of ʻGlobal Warʼ Against Christians | Daily News | NCRegister.com


  1. Larry Green08 October, 2013

    There are very few if any at all ' Atheists' in the world. There are however a growing number (a myriad) of individual souls who are experiencing an alienation from the Eternal One because they are not able to recognize a distinction between God , the Transcendent One, that is, the Being that transcends all human comprehension and LOVE - and the false one - the god who loves the ‘best ones’, ‘ the ones on the right side. The god of the fanatics ( those who cannot separate their own superficial desire and their own EGOs from what they call God. From the Ala who thirsts for human bloodshed to a Christ who ‘calls `on his followers to rise up on a global scale in fear of a perceived War.
    Our religions and our churches (especially the Catholic Church) are such a rapidly declining and sorry state of affairs.
    Thank God for that I have been reminded by the words of Jean Vanier, “ the church is increasingly losing it’s influence over the world, but not Jesus.”

  2. I think the perceived war against 'Christians' is in fact a worldwide awakening intolerance toward unholy human injustices orchestrated and perpetrated by unholy men in holy places and clothed in holy outerwear and who use the name of God and Jesus Christ to fuel rage, fear and war. The craving for certitude, political, social and spiritual power clears the way for the metaphorical , the similitude of effects such as ’ the wrath of God’ but it leaves no room for the literal Love and Compassion that God is above all.
    Who can call themselves a Christian if they have refused to allow Christ to kneel down and wash their feet? Who?


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