14 October, 2013

Standing Naked Before God - Aleteia

Standing Naked Before God - Aleteia

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  1. Larry Green15 October, 2013

    There is no “radical Christianity” in this gesture. It is a call to recognize and reveal with humility …to the world… the darkness , the unholy and the powerless one that lay hidden behind the clothing of knowledge and certainty. It was shame risen out of the birth of consciousness and the recognition of opposites ( fear and desire , man woman etc.) in Adam and Eve that precluded them from remaining in the Garden naked before God. It is ‘fear and desire’ that guard the gate of re-entry. It is people like St. Francis and others who reveal the ‘way’ back in.
    There is nothing radical about that and it’s not even about being Christian or Buddhist or Muslim or any other religion or race, or group of any sort…it’s about discovering the fundamental desire ( not the superficial ones) to become human and to respond to that desire.


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