05 September, 2013

International Buy a Priest a Beer Day! | Given that Monday is moving day for some of us... a beer would be greatly appreciated!!! (smile)

International Buy a Priest a Beer Day! | The Catholic Gentleman


  1. I hear you're going to Chapeau. When I worked in Chalk River we would drive to Quebecs and go to Fred's whenever we could for a great meal. I heard the restaurant burnt down and Fred died a few years ago. Enjoy your new appointment.

  2. If you're ever in Toronto I'll certainly buy you a beer. But I must retain home field advantage as I insist it be at http://hitchlimited.com/ :->

  3. Rationalist: I look forward to taking you up on the offer... even in such a bar!!

    Thanks too on your good wishes. As to Fred's, indeed it did burn down a couple of years ago. It was a tragic day for the town, as was the event a couple of months later when Fred died. The Meilleur family became close friends during my two previous assignments in Chapeau and I was honored to celebrate his funeral... even though I ended up being dressed down by my Bishop for the homily I preached. Such are the joys of parochial ministry!

    Fr. Tim

  4. As Grad students in the 80's we loved Chapeau and the hotel for dinner. I would fill up my old Toyota with other students and we'd go there on a Friday night. I was the designated driver but we still all had fun. Unfortunately all the female graduate student I would take there would talk about was Fred. Alas. But the food was great. And the music too.


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