09 July, 2013

The Secular Society - An interesting column by David Brooks of the NY Times

The Secular Society - NYTimes.com


  1. Anonymous09 July, 2013

    Brooks talks about pluralism, and it appears the blog author does as well.
    I believe in One God, Three Divine Persons, and the God is the Lord and author of all.
    Don't know if that is allowed here.
    It does not leave itself open to hundreds of interpretations by the proud minds of Thinkers, (or Tinkers).

  2. I haven't read Taylor's book so I can't comment on it but I find Brooks' column interesting. I;m not sure if he's observant or not, but his columns, this and others, indicate less necessarily a belief in God but more of belief in belief. It's like on of the latest Pew Polls that asked people what they thought about the decline of religious adherence (the "nones") and as expected religious people found it a bad thing but also 48% of non religious people found it a bad thing. So ingrained in our society is the idea that belief is a good thing that many, including perhaps David Brooks, view it with trepidation.

    1. What a vacuous response, as usual, from the atheist.
      Just more of maybe yes, maybe no- I do not care.

    2. I will let your reply be my comment.


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