12 July, 2013

Canada residents fight Queen citizenship oath in court

Gee whiz... if you don't want to accept Queen Elizabeth as monarch of Canada, why apply for citizenship here? I support Canada's generous immigration policy but must we forgo something as foundational as our allegiance to the Crown to accommodate immigrants who want to become citizens of our country?

I hope not.

Canada residents fight Queen citizenship oath in court - Toronto - CBC News


  1. I have no problem pledging allegiance to the Queen. I will have a hard time pledging allegiance to Charles.

  2. Anonymous12 July, 2013

    I never realized Liz was one of the walking dead. This changes things.

  3. Good for those "new" imigrants...wished my grandpa could have done that when he came here 109 years ago..Canada a "nation" for 146 years, what are we doing "pledging allegiance"to an "English" monarch..your relatives must be turning in their graves Father!

    1. Brandoson: Elizabeth is more than the English monarch. She is Queen of Canada as well. My Irish ancestors might indeed be spinning but as someone who has grown up here, I've come to appreciate our governing system - monarchy and all. Perhaps it's all those years as a kid, starting each day with the singing of 'God Save the Queen at school. (smile)

      Fr. Tim


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