16 March, 2013

Pope Francis would like to see ‘a poor church and a church for the poor’ | World | News | National Post

What do you know? Finally Mattawa is ahead of the curve! We've been a poor parish ever since the collapse of the local logging industry about five years ago.

Somehow though, I think that this isn't entirely what Pope Francis means when he calls for a 'poor church'. Still, it's nice to be in the vanguard for a change!

Pope Francis would like to see ‘a poor church and a church for the poor’ | World | News | National Post


  1. Fr. Tim, I think in no uncertain terms you will find out very soon what Pope Francis means. The 'old' way of watering down the term "poor" will clearly become just that- the old way.-

  2. Larry: According to my Vatican friend who knew Francis when he was an Archbishop, I think that we have reason to hope that he will indeed inaugurate a 'new way'. Yet I do acknowledge that you are correct in stating that only time will tell.

    I take comfort in the fact that he broke with tradition and only re-appointed all the Vatican officials 'provisionally'. The news release made it clear that everyone's positions will be reviewed. Again, according to another friend (George Weigel) who interviewed him last year for over an hour, Francis has a good understanding of what needs to be done to clean up the mess in the Vatican as well as the steel backbone to see it through.

    Keep the faith and hold out hope. I sincerely think that the Holy Spirit is about to do some amazing things with the Church and that Francis is his chosen instrument.

    Fr. Tim

    P.S. I apologize again to you and Arden for missing our dinner date. I was sick (again) and ended up in the hospital (twice that month) with a serious lung infection. I had not brought my ipad down with me to the cottage that day and did not access to the web to find your phone number to call and tell you.

    My infection cleared up when I left on vacation - and came back within 48 hrs. of returning home. That was too much of a coincidence for me so I brought in a contractor who found leaks in the rectory roof and evidently enough black mold that all of the ceilings in the 2nd floor are going to have be ripped out. Apparently they will then use frozen CO2 to cleanse the joists and beams, re insulate, and then we can put in new ceilings. Until then, I'm sleeping on the downstairs couch!!


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