31 March, 2013

On Being Catholic - NYTimes.com

On Being Catholic - NYTimes.com


  1. As a conservative Protestant, I agree with many points the writer makes in this article, even if philosophy is a troubling and hard to understand subject.

    The conservative wing of Christianity (Catholic & Protestant) needs to sit back and see that they have become Pharisees and fundamentalists in many ways. Legalism and lack of love are creating too many barriers within the church. However, having said that, we need to stand firm on core doctrines such as the virgin-birth, the resurrection, creation and the truth of God's Word, in other words sort out the chaff from the wheat.

    I.e. Pope Paul's encyclical on sexuality has been decreed not only as bad theology, but too restrictive by many respected leaders both Catholic and Protestant. The Scriptures are full of the beauty of sex between a married man and his wife. Sexuality is gift from God and needs to treated as such.

    Cliff conservative-liberal Lutheran.

  2. "Church leaders have in effect agreed that the right to follow one’s conscience includes the right of dissident Catholics to remain members of the Church."

    Sounds like a cafeteria Catholic. I thought this sort of picking and choosing was frowned upon. The author sounds like a liberal Catholic who's staying in a troubled relationship with the goal of reforming the Church. We all know how that ends?

    Hope you had a good Easter and can get some rest after your busy weekend. I'll have you know that I attended a Church over the weekend. But before you get your hopes up it was to attend a rather uneven presentation of Mozart's Requiem performed on Good Friday in a local Church by a local choral society. As someone who know this piece by heart I am a bit more critical than most but gave them a standing ovation for their attempt to tackle such a challenging piece. They also performed Ave Verum Corpus, perhaps the most sublime 43 bars of music ever written and did it beautifully.


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