15 March, 2020

My thoughts in these difficult times.

On January 27th, Canada had its first confirmed coronavirus case. That number rose slowly but steadily to where it stood at 93 last Thursday. Since then the numbers have started to explode exponentially both in terms of confirmed cases and those requiring hospitalization. It stood at 313 this morning. If you plot the numbers on a graph, it looks just like what transpired in Italy and Spain with the number projected to double every day or two. Unfortunately for we Canadians, it's going up even faster in our neighbours to the south. So the threat is real and present from within and without our borders. These figures were taken from the WHO website and are easily available for anyone to read. If you want to know the facts, I highly recommend checking their site out.
I post this not to try to gin up anymore panic or stress for people, but only to try to reinforce just how dire our potential future looks if we ALL don't get with the program and hunker down in our homes until we are told it's safe to come out. If we do so, it will not only be to our individual benefit by keeping us away from any chance of contracting the virus, it will benefit our communal task of stunting the current exponential growth rate of those who are infected and in need of medical assistance. It's the approach that worked in China which now only has a handful of people infected. It will work here too.
So folks, keep calm and carry on! Check-in by phone on your neighbours, friends, and family and reach out to others for help if you are in need and believe it too much of a risk to venture out into the public square. I KNOW there are many people who are able and willing to help those in need. All they need is to be asked. Don't be afraid to reach out if you're in need. Contact me if we are local to each other you don't know who to call. If I don't know who right away, I can soon find out quick enough and get someone to help you out.
Above all people, pray and be safe. There's no reason that any of us need to search out an early ticket to the next life prematurely. Together, we're stronger than any bug!
You are all in my prayers. I trust you will offer the same in return. Thanks.
Fr. Tim

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