29 November, 2017

What’s Changed Since Humanae Vitae? by George Weigel from the First Things

A brilliant expose on what's actually hiding behind the fears of those who reject accepting Muslim immigrants and refugees into our country. The birthrate in all of Europe has dropped below replacement rate for almost a complete lifespan of the population. Thanks to the ubiquitous contraceptive regime that's been practiced for over 50 years, nations have no choice but to open our borders to keep the population growing. This is the one undeniable fact that governments must ensure lest their social welfare and pension Ponzi schemes come crashing down upon their heads. Without an expanding tax base, no western government will be able to meet even its current commitments to its citizenry for more than a few years. The only two ways of growing a nation's population are for the birthrate to be above 2.1, or it takes in more and more new workers from other countries. Muslims make up almost 30% of the world's citizens today. It is inevitable that more and more will be counted among us in the West in the future because the wisdom of Humanae Vitae was rejected by non-believers and believers alike. Paul VI wrote that the widespread use of contraception would warp a culture in exactly the way it has turned out throughout the first world. No doubt many will wish that he had indeed been wrong. But the evidence is clear that he wasn't. And we have only ourselves to blame if we find ourselves cheek and jowl with lots people of different faith's and beliefs than our own.

On the bright side, at least virtually everyone will find that their fears of some societal take-over leading to 'the imposition of Sharia Law' will finally see first hand that the reason most Muslims leave their lands and come to places like Canada is that they are fleeing that very regime in their home nations. Why people would think that such individuals would want to recreate here something they've only recently escaped from defies logic imho. Every Muslim I've ever encountered (save for one unfortunate incident in the old city of Jerusalem 25 years ago... but that's another story in itself) has been as happy to live here as a Canadian just like the rest of us. They want nothing more or nothing less than the same rights, benefits, and responsibilities as all other citizens who live under our one Constitution. Once people come to realize this, a lot of unnecessary tension worry will finally come to an end.

But one way or the other, people are going to have to get used to it because we've left no other option for our politicians. By refusing to have enough children over the past 50 years there is no choice but to recruit people of other countries, faiths, and creeds to take their place and ensure our social benefits until we shuffle off this mortal coil (sadly once again in the face of renewed church warnings of the errors and dangers of euthanasia) in the manner and time of our choosing.

What’s Changed Since Humanae Vitae? | George Weigel | First Things

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