09 December, 2016

Christie Blatchford: B.C. teacher fired for having the wrong opinion on abortion.

Christie Blatchford: B.C. teacher fired for having the wrong opinion | National Post


  1. A colleague of mine brought this story to my attention. First of all I wonder how accurate it is when the school's side of it is not represented. There isn't even a line that says the school was contacted but declined comment.

    Secondly, it's a private school, not a public school And do Catholics really want to start the precedent that a teacher in a private school can not be fired by having an opinion of some aspect of sexuality that differs from the administration of the school?

  2. Michael: Here's a follow up story from the NP on the school. It seems to back up the first. As to your point about Catholic schools, remember that at least in Ontario, they are in effect 'public schools' since they receive all their funding from the province and their teachers are unionized in the same manner as the public system. The rights of staff and students are pretty much the same in each system.

    Fr. Tim

    P.S. Bundle up tight down there. There's some nasty cold winds coming down from the northlands over the next few days. The temps are already dropping like a stone around here.

    1. Oops... here's the link: http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/christie-blatchford-posh-vancouver-school-places-staff-under-gag-order-after-teacher-fired

    2. The point is here is that this is a private school, in this case one that specializes is language bases learning disabilities. Its teachers are probably not unionized and the administration does not have to follow the same guidelines as a publicly funded school board. There are private Catholic schools in Ontario (the excellent St. Michael's College School comes to mind) and they have the same say in teachers talking about abortion in class at this school does. If you protest one teacher who speaks his or her mind if you agree with that point, shouldn't you protest the other?

      I've dug out my good winter coat and boots, got a face cord of wood for the fireplace and got my skates sharpened. I'm ready, I hope.

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