16 March, 2016

Sort of here... but not really here

I've really been under the weather for the past five days battling a case of pneumonia. Whenever I pop out of bed for a few minutes I check and see if there's something worth posting here, but I'm hardly spending any time reading what's out there these past few days. Please say a prayer or send me some kind thoughts and good intentions for my recovery if you get a chance. They will be much appreciated.

St. Paul the Hermit Parish - Sheenboro QC
Also, our little Church in Sheenboro (St. Paul the Hermit Parish) was attacked and vandalized on Sunday night. Windows were smashed and attempts made to start a fire in both the Church building and the parish hall (which stands separate from the Church). Thankfully, since the available material used for fuel was wet, and due to the collective efforts of all the Sheener's guardian angels the fires failed to take. 
Some of the carnage that was discovered when folks arrived to prepare for a funeral Monday morning

Most unsettling though was the fact that Satanic symbols were painted on the wall of the Church with human blood. It's scary to think such deluded individuals would or could reach so far as our little corner of the earth. While I was and am still unable to go to console and support the Sheenboro parishioners, our local Bishop, +Michael Mulhall spontaneously came to fulfill that role. We are all VERY grateful for his help and presence. Thank you very much Your Excellency!!


  1. I can't believe some individuals have dropped to such acts. Are they not afraid for their mortal souls?
    I grew up in Sheenboro and was always proud of my church, small though it may be. My father and many of my elders are buried in the graveyard right beside the church. This news is very upsetting to me personally but I will pray for the souls of the people who did this crime.
    I am sending my best wishes for a speedy recovery Fr. Tim. Get well quickly. You are also in my prayers.

  2. Fr. Tim - I am so very sorry to hear this. I really love Sheenboro and the good people there. I will join you in praying for whoever did this, and for the healing of hurts in the community there.

  3. Dear Father Tim, I am so sorry tp hear that you are sick. You are in my prayers this evening. I hope that you will be feeling better very soon. We certainly enjoyed your pastoral care when you were with us in Otter Lake. Marilyn Amyotte

  4. Father, I was saddened to hear the news about our parish. It sickened me really. Why would anyone want to do this is beyond me. I hope you recover soon and I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around for these individuals that felt the need to be so disrespectful.

  5. God Bless.

  6. You must rest and take your antibiotics for pneumonia. My grandmother had a medical solution for such illnesses. Mix a dash of lemon, half a glass of hot water and fill the rest of the tumbler with rye/scotch/etc and sip it slowly...repeat as necessary.I believe she recommended this as an hourly thing.Doctors were too far away from our farm to be running to them..besides they were expensive..up to $10/visit sometimes!Be Well!

  7. Hope you get better soon as you have an exhausting Holy Week coming. Pace yourself if you can. And that's appalling about the breakin and vandalism at the church.

  8. How do you know it's human blood?

    1. Anon: I'm going on what we were told by the Police. But they might be assuming it's human since someone obviously cut themselves breaking one of the windows. Blood was sprayed on the wall at that window indicating a deep cut and that's where the symbols were painted.

      Fr. Tim

  9. Very very sorry to hear that, all the great people up there do not deserve this. Hope that the perpetrators are caught soonest. I love that community.

  10. Acts like this are senseless, but perhaps there is a purpose. Show them how strong your parrish is and that nothing can stop the good inside of you all.


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