23 February, 2016

The female voice needs to be heard: +Durocher

The female voice needs to be heard: Durocher

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  1. Funny, all I hear around my church is the voice of women. Maybe your church is different, Archbishop Durocher? My church is filled with women- the church groups are filled with women and run by women, and daily Mass is predominantly women. Women clean the rectory, act as secretary and sacristan, play the organ, lead ministry groups in my church and run the fundraisers. However, if the Archbishop means that the voices of radical feminists are not being heard, my only answer to that would be "alleluia!" What we don't need is to listen to the strident feminists voices that claim they have no place at the Catholic table, or other such euphemisms. The Catholic church needs an era of male renaissance, where men are encouraged to take more leadership roles in the church. I'd love to stay home and relax for a while, and let men shoulder the heavy lifting around my church!


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