22 January, 2016

CERN scientists 'break the speed of light' - Telegraph

CERN scientists 'break the speed of light' - Telegraph


  1. This is an old story (the date is 2011), and it has since been shown that there was an error in the measurements, or rather their interpretation.
    Which is too bad, because the story back then led to a whole bunch of "neutrino jokes". ;-)
    My favorite of them is probably the following:
    Who's there?
    Knock knock.

    1. Anon:You may be correct, but the date on the story in the Telegraph is 22/01/2016... and this article references within it that previous announcement from a few years ago so perhaps it is true. After all, just how much of what we read on the internet can be trusted these days, eh?

      Fr. Tim


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