20 August, 2015

45 Years Ago Today: Sudbury Tornado Kills 6 | Q92

Boy, do I remember this! I was 12 years old when the tornado ran through my home town. This CBC news story brings it all back again. The one thing I remember as being so strange was the capricious nature of the destruction. For example while most of our block was entirely untouched, the houses and businesses on each side of it were all severely damaged or destroyed. It was as if the tornado jumped over us without taking so much as a shingle yet laid waste to the properties all around us. Another example was seen in the destruction of the business section of town and the local high school, but the four churches in between them were untouched. It was mind-boggling to me... then and now. 

45 Years Ago Today: Sudbury Tornado Kills 6 | Q92

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