19 January, 2015

Pope Francis On Charlie Hebdo: 'You Cannot Insult The Faith Of Others'

Again here is another example of the media getting Pope Francis all wrong. 

He said that we 'shouldn't' insult the faith of another. He didn't say that we cannot. Nor did he say that it would be justified to use violence in response if or when one's own faith is insulted, mocked, or derided. But he did say that, just as when one insults another's mother, they shouldn't be surprised if the insult provokes an unexpectedly violent response. Put in a modern aphorism: It might be a surprise, but it shouldn't be a shock if insulting one's faith provoked a punch on the head in return. That doesn't make it right. It simply describes a common human impulse when something or someone, which is near and dear to one's heart is insulted, demeaned, or injured.

In all of this, Pope Francis is being very 'Canadian' in his teaching. Civility and respect in the public square have been the hallmark of conduct for those of us of a certain age. Decorum and decency dictated that one didn't intentionally insult anything that may be an important constituent part of another's values and virtues. It simply wasn't done! It was not the type of behaviour one expected from someone of education and a proper upbringing. To deliberately 'poke a stick in someone's eye' by belittling and disrespecting their values and beliefs was behaviour befitting a poorly raised misanthrope; boorish behaviour that will often rebound harshly against such an offensive party.

Pope Francis On Charlie Hebdo: 'You Cannot Insult The Faith Of Others'

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