18 October, 2014

Francis's Firestorm - a reflection on the Synod from Fr. Dwight Longenecker

"In a few weeks, the firestorm over the Synod on the Family will die down, but as the process continues for another twelve months, Pope Francis will need to be aware of the increasing criticisms of his papacy. While all Catholics of goodwill want to love the pope and support the proper kind of renewal and reform, the Pope will have to tread carefully, listen to all points of view, communicate carefully and walk the tightrope between proper reform and defending the faith once delivered to the saints."
In other words, Pope Francis will have to do what popes have done throughout history. I agree entirely with Fr. Longenecker in his summation, although I believe that he has perhaps been a little light in his conviction that the Holy Spirit was right in calling forth this good man as Pontiff - and in the way that the Synod has been conducted. Still, at least he ended on the right note.

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Francis's Firestorm - Aleteia

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