21 July, 2014

BREAKING: Bishop Tony Palmer, Pope Francis Friend, Dies in Motorcycle Crash

BREAKING: Bishop Tony Palmer, Pope Francis’ Friend, Dies in Motorcycle Crash


  1. I can find no official report of this from UK news media such as the Wiltshire paper, which reports on every motorcycle accident, or from any hospital. The only reports come from Bp. Hill's Facebook status and the email that members of The Ark Community received. Seems odd.

    1. Vivian: +Prendergast of Ottawa was the one who first reported this death. I've found a number of articles on the story today online as well. I am quite certain that (sadly) this story is true.

      Fr. Tim

  2. I, too, am persuaded that it is true, and am so terribly sad. Losing Tony seems a horrific blow to those of us called to the unity movement. I was troubled by the lack of facts in the online reports, but more recently even that is explicable from the Bristol newspaper. Presumably more official reports (and a response from Pope Francis) will be forthcoming. Pax Christi.


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