10 January, 2014

Christian Baker Files Religious-Freedom Appeal in Wedding-Cake Ruling | Daily News | NCRegister.com

I post this as a companion story to the one before. I find it bizarre that on the one hand someone can be granted an exemption from having to work with women (while it's not stated I assume that he was a Muslim) but this baker is ordered to provide a commercial service for a gay couple.

It put me in mind of the Duck Dynasty brouhaha where everyone was screaming about his 'homophobic' (aka biblical) comments but virtually no one raised the fact that he also spit out some incredibly racist comments about African Americans at the same time.

I guess the 'constabulary' of this new age of morality believe that consistency is 'the hobgoblin of a small mind'.

Christian Baker Files Religious-Freedom Appeal in Wedding-Cake Ruling | Daily News | NCRegister.com


  1. He probably was a Muslim but also could have been an Orthodox Jew. Both for the baker (in commercial practice and required to obey civil laws) and the university (a secular university that can accommodate a student's religion but not at the expense of another student's rights).

    Friendly Atheist lists his offending remarks. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2014/01/01/if-you-support-duck-dynastys-phil-robertson-this-is-what-youre-really-defending/

    Also Emerson's quote is a "foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds". The adjective foolish makes all the difference.

    1. Rationalist: Thanks for the full quote. I had never heard that version before. My boss (from a previous career) many times used the 'abridged' version and I always assumed it was complete. Boy... do I feel 'foolish' now! (grin)

      On another subject but sticking with the same quote, Bell Canada is once again proving to be afflicted with such a hobgoblin. We called them to report that our fax line wasn't working yesterday. After huddling over the junction box on the street for half the day they managed to fix it. Unfortunately in the process now our main line is out of commission. Now it's back to trying to work my way through their automated 'assistance' and various off-site call centers to find a real person who can solve the new problem they created. (sigh) I guess I destined to spend tonight waiting endlessly on the (fax) line for someone to 'look into our file/account' to get this new problem fixed. And to think, I get to pay almost $200 a month for the pleasure of incompetent service. :( These folks can make even the bishops look efficient!!

      Fr. Tim

    2. Bell can be a pain. I've had to deal with them for home and business and it's a nightmare. Ialways thought that when they opened up the long distance service they should have made "the last mile" from the central office to the consummer a common utility paid for by all the telco's. In stead we get Bell not having a real reason to improve the ancient connection method as it will help all competitors.


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