05 December, 2013

PopeWatch: Hans Kung | The American Catholic

PopeWatch recalls an episode of the Hogan’s Heroes sitcom from the sixties.  Colonel Hogan is attempting to disarm a bomb.  He has to cut one of two wires, and if he cuts the wrong wire the bomb will go off.  He asks Colonel Klink which wire he would cut, and after Klink chooses a wire he cuts the other one and disarms the bomb.  Klink asks Hogan why he asked his advice if he wasn’t going to follow it.  Hogan responds that he wasn’t sure he would pick the right wire but he was confident that Klink would pick the wrong one.

Any article that starts with a reference to Hogan's Heroes deserves (IMHO) to be read. Imagine how happy I was then to find such an article dealing with the Vatican!!

PopeWatch: Hans Kung | The American Catholic

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