20 August, 2013

This is horrible! Talk about an example of the corrosive effects of the 'culture of death'.

Every Pope from Paul VI to Francis have decried the corrosive effect that the 'culture of death' and 'imperial personal autonomy' were having on Western culture. This is just another in a horribly long line of ill effects and events that flowed from the good intentions of post-modern liberal secularism since the 1960's.

People seem to be forgetting that for a society to remain health and vibrant requires a common culture rooted in charity and temperance. Such selfish and ill-spirited will as expressed by this anonymous letter writer fails to meet even the most basic of standards. What s/he wrote may not be a crime... but it such as hell is wrong.



  1. Larry Green22 August, 2013

    To me it looks like God talkin.He always says stuff like that.

  2. Larry Green22 August, 2013

    Sound Kooky?... It's not.
    God says whatever it takes to wake people up to reality!
    My closest friend happens to have an intellectual disability and I can tell you that people have been saying-and doing- this kind of stuff for centuries and only now have so many who ain’t intellectually disabled have really heard it.
    I think God said it.
    It's still horrible, I just think God said it.
    It may be a call to examine the underpinning of our own attitudes rather than to judge the horrible ‘others.’


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