27 February, 2013

A good article on the rising tide of social hostility faced by religious folks in Canada

My apologies for the paucity of articles these past few days. I'm currently on vacation in the Caribbean, trying to recover my health after the flu put me into hospital last month. I've only today been able to access a wireless service. I plan to resume updating, writing, and posting articles as of today.

I start with this one from the National Post by Matthew Block examining the increasing hostility people of faith are experiencing in the public square. He expresses well the experience that many of we believers face - at least in our online lives. We have not yet reached a point of social decay in our Canadian society where people would be so openly offensive and insulting as they can be hiding behind the anonymity afforded by the internet. It's harder to have to insult one face to face where they can be held immediately responsible for their impoliteness than it is to insult someone digitally... and there's no guarantee that such hostility as we encounter online will ever necessarily translate into the real world. But it is worth noting at least the undercurrent of hostility and malice towards believers which is growing in the digital world so as to keep watch to see if it does begin to manifest in a more concrete and dangerous form.


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  1. Hope you're feeling better soon Fr. Tim. Enjoy the warmth of the Carribean. Here it's a soggy half rain half snow day and you're well away from it.


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