19 December, 2012

Voice, in the Wilderness - Canadian teenager speaks with the voice of the pro-life community

Voice, in the Wilderness

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  1. Voice in the wilderness?
    Melissa used to say “ Oh my God” a lot. Because she would hear me say “Oh My God.” That came from my dad and his. It was indeed prayerfully for me( To Profound for the fanatics). She was scolded by Cathedral school teachers ( and principle , I fought believe me) for using the word ‘God’ and they suggested she substitute “darn” for “God”
    I, so so angered by it all suggested she use "fuck" instead of "God" like every other kid on my street does all the time.
    But she didnt do that and now she is university and I wish she would still say "Oh My God" even if its for the selfish reason to give me some indication if she has some realtionship to God. Without me asking.


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