09 September, 2012

Key 'moderate' Catholic, hailed by choir on left

This article is unique in that I think it evokes a response within Catholics all over the political spectrum. But as a lad who enjoyed watching 'Yes Minister', I've learned to appreciate the power that exists within the professional bureaucracy that accompanies any institution. I have no doubt that David Carr (someone I've never heard of before I read this column) was most likely a very influential individual. His retirement after a long career as a functionary of the American Bishops will no doubt herald some change in the Bishop's agenda. Time will tell whether the predictions of the left or the right will be vindicated and which will be found to be wanting. With Cardinal +Tim Dolan at the helm, I'm certain the Conference will safely find its way no matter who is in charge of the Bishop's Conference day to day operations.

Key Ć¢€˜moderateĆ¢€™ Catholic, hailed by choir on left

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  1. So you're a Yes Minister/Yes Prim Minister fan. I have the complete set on DVD and we've watched them many times. Thirty years later and they're still funny and relevant.

    Have you seen this?



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