04 January, 2012

With credit for time served, Lahey may be released today | CTV News

Now that the civil authorities have rendered their punishment, it is time for the Church to do the same. Lahey must now be punished for his crimes against canon law as well. Hard to see how this will be difficult for the Vatican to know which way to act. Let's just review the salient points:

1. convicted of possessing and importing child porn
2. admits to being in a gay relationship for the past 10 years
3. admits to having had multiple gay one night stands
4. had sex toys in his luggage when returning from a country noted for child sex trade
5. admits to a predilection for images that combine bondage and religious symbols

If he were just a priest, he'd be gone so fast he wouldn't know what hit him. It should not be any different for Lahey. He must be removed for every and any ministry.

The only question to be settled is does he get kicked out completely or will the Pope sentence him to a monastery for an enforced life of silence and separation from the world? The former would satisfy the desire to see him cut-off from any support from the Church, but the latter may be better at ensuring he NEVER has a chance to access pornography (or his lover) again. If he indeed is in a committed relationship, he might choose to leave on his own if the Pope were to send him to a hermitage. It all depends on how he views his obligations to celibacy and obedience as opposed to his commitment to his gay lover.

Fr. Tim

With credit for time served, Lahey may be released today | CTV News


  1. As far as we can see this man did not have much regard for his obligations to celibacy and obedience. He was in a position of trust and he betrayed that trust.
    If his gay lover and that relationship meant so much to him, let him make a life there. Why would we want to keep him in this church?

  2. I have to ask how it is that no one in the Antigonish (my diocese) or even Newfoundland chanceries where he was located knew nothing of these revelations. How is that possible? Anyone who knew of the goings on and did not report it is just as guilty as far as I am concerned.


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