01 November, 2011

Fr. Leon Belanger 28/07/25 - 01/11/11 RIP

Fr. Leon Belanger  
All Saints Day, 2011
Rest in Peace
 My deepest thanks to those who prayed for my brother priest. At the end, after 48 hrs of unconsciousness, he suddenly started to sing a french hymn, took two deep easy breaths and then breathed his last. May God welcome him to paradise. 


  1. Father Tim
    May Father Belanger rest in the arms of Jesus and may Jesus give you comfort in knowing you were a wonderful friend.

  2. All we can hope for is a peaceful end and a safe journey home. Prayers for the repose of the good Father's soul.

  3. May Leon rest in the arms of God with the Blessed Mother Mary smiling beside him


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