01 June, 2010

I'll be away for a few days... gone fishing!


I will be away from any form of electronic communication for the balance of this week as I am taking the two other full time clergy (Pentecostal & Evangelical Missionary Church pastors) here in Mattawa into the wilds of north western Quebec for three days of fishing and fellowship. They too are dealing with the stresses and pressures of ministering to a flock that has been afflicted by the same economic and social tribulations that have affected the region and like me are in need of a little 'R & R'.

Aside from the benefit of these actions, it will also take us beyond the reach of phones, pagers and internet. No radio, TV, cell phones or computers - but the beauties of God's creation and blissful peace and quiet. Truly 'heaven on earth' for any busy clergyman.

I'll remember to pray for all of you and I ask for your prayers for three tired clergy looking for some peace, prayer and fraternal fellowship.

See you on Friday June 4th!

Fr. Tim


  1. Have a wonderful time and may each of u in your time of rest feel the hand of our God who holds us and keeps us

  2. Have a great time. Any chance you are going to Temiskaming? my brother worked at a fishing lodge there years ago, the place was indeed a quiet refuge.

  3. Ah...how wonderful for you, Tim! The Shield country is so very beautiful at any time of year. I'm almost envious.

    If your version of fishing is anything like mine, you're not so much interested in catching fish as you are in connecting with the beauty of the Earth and all her wild things. A battery recharge.


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